Ctors as education, income, type of occupation, place of residence, and in some populations, ethnicity and religion. , indoor and outdoor air pollution, though outdoor pollution is small when compared to smoking. Indoor pollution, however, is caused by using biomass fuel in a poorly vented dwelling. Furthermore, there are other factors including genes, airway hyper-responsiveness and reduced lung growth. Although it is similar to asthma, as both of them are lung diseases, asthma is often completely reversible either spontaneously or with treatment, while in copd it is never reversible, and is usually progressive if exposure to risk factors continues. Also, different medication is used for each. Even if a person stops smoking, copd is still not reversible, the lungs do not get any better but he can prevent it from getting worse. Almost 90 percent of copd patients are smokers, while 15 percent of smokers have copd. After the age of 40 the lung function is reduced annually, where the amount of air decreases by 30cc for non-smokers. viagra for sale As for smokers, it is reduced by cardinalcc. Unofficial numbers put the smokers' percentage in jordan at above 50 percent, where they spend jd 700m on tobacco every year. For smokers who developed copd, each is burdened every year with jd50,000 for treatment. The treatment for this disease has many forms; however, in all cases they just help air to get through using inhalers, which affect the vagus nerve vagus nerve n. maximum dose of viagra Either of the tenth pair cranial nerves that originate from the medulla oblongata and supply multiple vital organs, including the lungs, heart, and gastrointestinal viscera.  making the muscles of the wind pipe (bronchus bronchus: see lungs. maximum dose of viagra ) relax, allowing air to pass through. The inhaler inhaler /inâ·halâ·er/ (in-halâ´er) 1. cheapest viagra price An apparatus for administering vapor or volatilized medications by inhalation. order viagra online 2. Ventilator (2). Inâ·halâ·er n. viagra online  is an effective, comforting medicine as patients describe it, and is non-addictive. viagra for women does it work The main aim of this event was to educate people about this killer disease, for if the disease's, its causes and treatment are not known, more people will suffer from it whether physically, psychologically or financially. buy viagra online Copd day raises awareness on disease 2003 jordan press & publishing co. maximum dose of viagra All rights reserved. Provided by sy. trial coupon for viagra viagra samples

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